Magnetic Cloud


A Virtual Summit for Startup Founders and VCs


Wednesday, September 15th starting at 10:00am PT

Magnetic Cloud will be a live virtual summit with Cisco executives, Cisco Investments and startup founders. Meet the rising stars. Talk cloud native. Ask questions. Join the conversation.


10:00 - 10:40 am PST

Cisco's Hybrid Cloud Strategy and Startup Engagement


Cisco executives break down their strategy in hybrid cloud, what Cisco is hearing from customers, and share key insights for startups on how to drive success through corporate partnerships.


Kaustubh Das - SVP/GM, Cloud & Compute, Cisco

Jeremy Foster - VP Global Sales, Cloud Infrastructure and Software Group, Cisco

Moderated by Daniel Karp - Director, Cisco Investments & Corporate Development


10:40 - 11:20 am PST

How to be Successful in Cloud Native


Thought leaders in the cloud & compute space answer your questions around:

  • The latest in cloud-native architectures
  • Key buyer personas and common use cases

Dan Wendlandt - CEO, Isovalent

Mark Hinkle - CEO, TriggerMesh

Austen Collens - CEO, Serverless

Moderated by Christiaan Kuun - Senior Manager, Cisco Investments & Corporate Development


11:20 - 11:45 am PST

How to Build a Unicorn: A Conversation with Mohit Aron


We talk to Mohit Aron about his journey to building multiple unicorns, his ethos as a founder, lessons learned, and his thoughts on what’s coming next.


Mohit Aron - CEO, Cohesity

Moderated by Amit Chaturvedy - Senior Director, Cisco Investments & Corporate Development

Speaker Highlights

Kaustubh Das

SVP/GM, Cloud and Compute


Jeremy Foster

VP Global Sales

Cloud Infrastructure and Software Group

Mohit Aron



Austen Collins



Dan Wendlandt



Mark Hinkle



Amit Chaturvedy

Senior Director

Cisco Investments and Corporate Development

Daniel Karp


Cisco Investments & Corporate Development

Christiaan Kuun

Senior Manager

Cisco Investments and Corporate Development